SIP trunking for call centers

SIP Trunking, VoIP for business with unlimited channels

The most affordable SIP trunking service: Enjoy unlimited channels with no extra cost per additional SIP channel which means you will be able to make multiple concurrent Outbound telephone calls from one single SIP account.

Prepaid billing with a flat VoIP rates of 0.008 (under 1 cent) per minute to the United States and the United Kingdom and 0.005 to Canada. is a market-leading and reliable VoIP telephone company that provides inbound and outbound SIP trunking for entrepreneurs, small companies, and large enterprises at affordable low rates.

Signup now! provides telephone VoIP service for Call Centers across the United States, Canada, India, Philippines, Australia, and United Kingdom. Our service supports industry-leading and high-end predictive dialers and PBX’s like VICIdial, GOautodial, ViciBox, VicidialNow, and Asterisk.

What is SIP trunking?

Voice Over IP (VoIP) is used in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking to facilitate the connection between an enterprise Private Branch Exchange or PBX to the Internet.

SIP is a standard for initiating multimedia sessions and trunking is the process of connecting several nodes in a communication system that can carry many signals at a time.

Advantages of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking reduces the costly phone plans, subscriptions, and prices because clients will only pay for the seconds they use over the phone.

For business SIP trunking provides ISDN line rationalization and reduces the enterprise PBX maintenance staff.

No extra “traditional phone lines” PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network) is required as the enterprise grows in size.

Unlike traditional POTs and T1/PRI that require planning for peak at all the time, SIP trunking provides scalability as needed. The enterprises and customers pay only for what they use and can enable excess capacity if needed.

SIP trunking provides Flexible termination of calls to preferred providers; calls to anywhere worldwide can be made for the cost of a local one.

Why focus on call centers?

Carriers don’t like to provide VoIP to call centers because of the aggressive and predictive calls generated through automated dialers. This causes a high strain on the carrier’s equipment and networks.

What equipment does the service work with?

SIP is an IETF standard, hence straightforward to deploy. According to each manufacture/developer deployment can differ slightly. VoIPberry’s service has been integrated with various latest and high-end platforms like Avaya and Cisco to provide the best performance to its customers.

What if my dialer / PBX does not support SIP?

if you don’t have an autodialer on your Call Center VoIPberry will provide you a hosted VICIdial at no cost, please contact our chat support to get yours.

If your PBX doesn’t support SIP then a SIP gateway can be placed in between your PBX and the VoIPBERRY service to make it SIP enables. Most of the telephony manufacturers sell SIP gateways that convert TDM to SIP.

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