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VoIPberry provides an industry leading inbound and outbound SIP/VoIP based Toll Free Number service to its Call Center clients. The service has been designed to cut the cost and increase the reliability and scalability of the contact centers.  Many additional features are provided to its clients exclusively.

How a SIP/VoIP Toll Free Number works:

Toll Free numbers are designed to route the calls from customers through 1-800 numbers using the Altotelecom’s switching platform to an IP address, SIP URI, DID or a combination of end points.

There will be absolutely no channel charges with the VoIP Toll Free service. It is like Pay-As-You-Go, which means you have to pay the cost only for the actual minutes you use.

With a Toll Free Number service you don’t have to worry about the incoming calls, T1s or trunking requirements. Where the traditional carrier services take several months for deployment, our Toll Free service can be implemented in minutes, hence less time and less cost.

Unlimited Channels:

Designed its Toll Free service keeping the contact centers in the vision. Altotelecom manages the concurrent channels and uses logic to make real time routing of calls for efficient responding to the incoming calls in high volume.

Toll Free Number Availability:

At the current stage supports Toll Free traffic from United States, Canada and United Kingdom. See their International DID services for call centers outside United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

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