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This “frequently asked questions” list has been designed to provide a better understanding of VoIPBerry features and functionality.

We recommend contacting our tech support agents by opening a ticket, email, or chat support, these methods will help us address your issues in a more organized manner through screenshots, tutorials, and written easy explanations. English and Spanish are spoken.

Some of the most common questions about our VoIP service are answered in this simple Frequently Asked Questions summary, if you don’t find here what you’re looking for please get in contact with our tech support and sales agents.

VoIPBerry works with any IP-PBX or dialer?

VoIPBerry’s Business VoIP service works with any IP-enabled PBX. Set up instructions might be slightly different by brand and operating system but as long as the PBX can support passing IP traffic, VoIPBerry can pass your traffic.

How long will it take for my VoIP account to be credited?

As soon as you Signup for an account and add credits our automated system will create your VoIP account and send the account details to your email with instructions on how to configure your new VoIP account on your device. It should not take more than 5 minutes.

How much will my VoIP account cost?

There are no setup fees, monthly charges, or hidden fees, just add VoIP credits to your SIP trunking account that you will need to make your VoIP phone calls.

Do i have to sign a contract for prepaid VoIP?

There is no need to sign contracts for prepaid VoIP service, there is no requirement for a contract to be signed nor do there are any termination fees.

VoIPBerry offers USA or Canada DID’s?

Choose a phone number in the U.S., Canada, or over 40 other countries. For example, if a U.S. phone number is selected and the user lives outside the U.S., a caller will have the same experience as calling any other U.S. phone number!

What Codecs are supported for SIP Trunking?

G711u-law, G729, G723 codecs are supported.

Is there a recommended Codec to use with VoIP service?

It is recommended to allow multiple codecs in the SIP INVITE to VoIPberry (G729, G711, G723).

What software do i need to use the VoIP service?


SIP Trunking service allows the users to make calls from any softphone such as Xlite, Eyebeam, Zoiper, etc.

Auto Dialers and IP-PBX:

SIP Trunking service is compatible with any Asterisk-based auto-dialer like Vicidial, GOautodial, or IP-PBX. If you do not have an auto-dialer or IP-PBX you can use your VoIP account to make calls with a softphone.

Does VoIP service support Fax?

Fax is supported but not guaranteed. Please make sure that the G711 codec is being used when sending faxes.

More Information about VoIP and SIP Trunking

VoIP and SIP Trunking services replace costly traditional phone systems, all the calls are sent via your internet network and not the traditional landlines thus reducing your telephone costs, VoIPBerry charges per second billing with no monthly fees helps you save more than 60% on your local and long-distance calls. Calls to the United States and Canada are billed under 1 cent per minute.


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