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VoIP Carrier SIP termination for IP-PBX telephony

To ensure all necessary telecommunication needs are met, VoIPberry is a premier VoIP Carrier SIP  termination provider for Call Centers around the world for both local and long-distance services throughout the United States, Canada, India, Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom, and the rest of the world.

Providing businesses of all sizes the highest quality and most advanced dialer VoIP traffic available across the industry—all at prices that are better than most of our competitors are able to offer.

To ensure that our customers are pleased with our services, we do not require a minimum volume, and service can be terminated at any time without penalty.

To track and manage your call volume, we provide daily and monthly CDRs for SIP termination, Trunking, and all of your toll-free SIP.

In addition to the standard services you expect to receive from your call center VoIP provider, we offer a full range of bonus services such as:

1-800 United States, Canada, and United Kingdom Toll-Free Numbers

Free Virtual Hosted Predictive Dialers

Bulk SMS Messaging Service

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