Our free “Predictive Dialer” vs our free “Power Dialer” SIPDialer

Option #1: Hosted VICIdial

Start up a Call Center with a Hosted VICIDial Auto Dialer was never easier!

With $0 monthly fee, our tech support team will provide you with the number of VICIdial extensions you need for every one of your telemarketing agents, you can start a Call Center with zero investment and you will only pay for the talked time while increasing connections with your clients 300% faster.

While using the dialer your VoIP rates remain under 1 cent per minute; 0.008 to the United States and United Kingdom.

Contact our chat support to request your free VICIdial seats, we will set up and configure your account in our free hosted VICIdial Auto Dialer solution and within a few minutes all your agent’s extensions will be ready to start your telemarketing campaign.

VICIdial Auto-Dialer benefits:

800 Toll Free Number Provider

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There is no excuse not to have your own 800 Toll Free Number for only $5 per month even if you’re starting a small new business or call center. New endeavors are fraught with challenges; Telephone lines, computers, marketing, operating expenses… All of these and more serve to make the first couple of months the most difficult in any single person’s life. Communication is one of the most important aspects of starting a new company, and often one of the most overlooked.

Every little thing that can be used to help an entrepreneur should be utilized to the fullest extent possible. In the arena of communication, both between colleagues and with customers, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) stands out as one of the most effective ways of opening doors while keeping expenses low.

USA, Canada, UK toll free numbers

How A Toll Free Number Can Benefit Your Business?

SIP Trunking for business with unlimited channels

A Toll Free Number is the first thing you should consider to establish a brand or business that is memorable and credible. A recent survey reported that businesses with toll free numbers are considered more reliable by prospects. Toll free numbers also helped businesses increase their response rates significantly. It is due to this impact of toll free numbers that more and more businesses are heading towards VoIP for call center.

Introduced in late 60’s, Toll free numbers are now an invaluable asset for both small and large businesses. Believe or not, a toll free number not just promotes business but also the services and products of a business. Here are few reasons to own a toll free number on your call center:

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