International Toll Free/ Local Numbers

Many big companies have call centers outside United States, Canada and UK. VoIPberry provides International DID services to such enterprises to ensure that their clients can always get connected to them.

VoIPberry offers virtual telephone numbers (DIDs) and SIP/VoIP Toll Free Numbers for countries across the globe.

A local Toll Free Number for your clients in their own area provides an easy and efficient way to interact with your call center by dialing a local number.

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We offer DID’s or Virtual Phone Numbers from the these countries:

  • Argentina $13.00/Mo.
  • Australia $5.00/Mo
  • Austria $10.00/Mo.
  • Bahrain $15.00/Mo.
  • Belgium $10.00/Mo.
  • Brazil $10.00/Mo.
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada $9.99/Mo.
  • Chile $13.00/Mo.
  • Colombia $30.00/Mo.
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus $10.00/Mo.
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark $10.00/Mo.
  • El Salvador $13.00/Mo.
  • Estonia $10.00/Mo.
  • Finland $10.00/Mo.
  • France $10.00/Mo.
  • Great Britain (UK) $5.00/Mo.
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong $15.00/Mo.
  • Israel $13.00/Mo.
  • Ireland $4.00/Mo.
  • Italy
  • Japan $15.00/Mo.
  • Lithuania $10.00/Mo.
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta $13.00/Mo.
  • Mexico $10.00/Mo.
  • Netherlands
  • New Zeland $10.00/Mo.
  • Panama $19.00/Mo.
  • Peru $13.00/Mo.
  • Poland $10.00/Mo.
  • Portugal $10.00/Mo.
  • Puerto Rico $19.00/Mo.
  • Romania
  • South Africa $10.00/Mo.
  • Spain $13.00/Mo.
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • USA FREE/Mo.
  • Venezuela $10.00/Mo.
  • USA, Canada and UK Toll Free 4.99/Mo

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