Free Cloud DialerNeed an Auto Dialer solution without the commitment of a monthly fee?

Just by signing up for a VoIP account you will be entitled to our proprietary Free VoIP Auto Dialing Solution to automate your calls and increment your call center productivity on a 300% at 0.009 per minute through all the United States.

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SipDialer© is an automated dialing application and easy to use web-based solution that offers all the tools you need on your call centre for your telemarketing campaign or prospect calling success. We took out all of the hard and difficult work like manually dialing prospects one by one, call back reminders, following up your prospects and taking notes is streamlined by our SipDialer, leaving you free to generate new prospects or buying lead lists that you will easily upload to the system.

With this power dialer you can automatically dial telephone numbers to communicate between any two points in the telephone and mobile phone networks from your contact center. Once the call has been established your call center agents will be in direct contact with your customers, providing maximum call center efficiency and improving overall contact rates by as much as 300% over manual dialing.

SipDialer© List Manager enables call center managers to import, filter and query against custom fields to upload precise and targeted call lists. The dynamic capabilities of SipDialer List Manager allow new lists to constantly be loaded and run based on the filtering criteria enabling managers to set SipDialer List Manager on “Auto-Pilot” and focus their efforts on the more productive and revenue generating facets of maintaining your call center.


Why VOIPBERRY SipDialer is free for our customers:

SipDialer© is offered free of charge to all VOIPBERY users in a humble way to thank our customers loyalty. Yes! SipDialer is free for you to use for the life of your VoIP account, ask for your SipDialer administrative credentials and start loading lists and creating all the users you need for your call center according to the number of employees you have and increase the number of contacts in a 300% and still paying 0.008 (under 1 cent) for calls to the USA and UK.

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