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How A Toll Free Number Can Benefit Your Business?

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A Toll Free Number is the first thing you should consider to establish a brand or business that is memorable and credible. A recent survey reported that businesses with toll free numbers are considered more reliable by prospects. Toll free numbers also helped businesses increase their response rates significantly. It is due to this impact of toll free numbers that more and more businesses are heading towards voip for call center.

Introduced in late 60’s, Toll free numbers are now an invaluable asset for both small and large businesses. Believe or not, a toll free number not just promotes business but also the services and products of a business. Here are few reasons to own a toll free number on your call center:

–     Your business or brand gains instant credibility in the market.

–     It significantly enhances customer response rate to your advertising campaigns.

–     It serves as an additional venue for the sales of your products and services.

–     It lets you improve the customer service of your business.

A VoIP Call Center offers a huge return on investment. VoIP for dialers, voip for vicidial, and voip for goautodial are there to help your business’s increase the number of contacts on their telemarketing calls. No matter how small or large is your business, installing a voip for call center can never be as easier as it is now.

Here is how to get a Toll Free Number for your business:

First, choose the channel to answer and make your business calls. There are many PBX systems and Dialers in the market, the most popular are based on the open source platform Asterisk. After that, research toll free number service providers. You should choose the one that is suitable to you and your business’s goals and objectives. Likewise, there is no need of an international toll free number if you’re receiving business calls only from the United States.

Over the time research has proven that VoIP call centers give a huge boost to advertising and marketing campaigns of businesses. In fact, with VoIP for call center, you could end up reducing your business telemarketing costs significantly.

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SOHO Toll Free Numbers

Starting a new business is fraught with challenges. Taxes, marketing, operating expenses… All of these and more serve to make the first couple of months the most difficult in any single person’s life. Communication is one of the most troublesome aspects of this, and often one of the most overlooked.

Every little thing that can be used to help an entrepreneur should be utilized to the fullest extent possible. In the arena of communication, both between colleagues and with customers, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) stands out as one of the most effective ways of opening doors while keeping expenses low.

As a case study, take three freelance writers based in the United States. Each has a specific specialty, and shares clients with the other two as needed. None of the three live in the same area, making meeting face-to-face difficult.

Between the three of them, they had six phone numbers. Three of the lines were used solely to communicate with each other, and the other three were used to reach out to clients. This was a costly endeavor, that created holes in their practice. If one of the writers became ill, then a third of their communication network would be unmonitored. The potential loses, both in orders and in goodwill, were too great to ignore.

Seeking to remedy this issue, they decided to use a VOIP line, and have it ring all three of their phones. This eliminated the potential gap, and helped reduce the money being spent every month on communications. Between the three, they still utilized their personal lines like before.

Before, the three business lines cost the small writing practice over One Hundred Dollars per month. Now, they pay Five Dollar per month, and two cents per minute for a unique toll free number.

Beyond the money and the time they are saving, there comes the added perk of being able to expand and contract their communication system at will. If another writer joins their group, or they hire a dedicated manager, then it is a simple thing of adjusting a setting for their service. A great deal less hassle than having to go to the store for another phone number and update all their advertising.