VPN – Virtual Private Network

$7.00 / month

VPN Benefits and Features:

  • Security – VPN enhances security by Concealing your IP address and location. Your data is encrypted and kept secured away from hackers.
  • Remote access – An employee can access his Virtual Call Center dashboard remotely from home or any other place through a secure VPN.
  • Static IP included.
  • Increased Performance – Once a VPN is implemented, bandwidth and efficiency of the network increases.
  • Reduced cost – VPN is not expensive for long distance telephone calls and it boasts reduced maintenance charges.



How our VPN works?

It is located in the 2nd layer of OSI model and is the upgraded version of Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol. L2TP provides a strong encryption along with another protocol called IPsec commonly used in conjunction with L2TP. L2TP creates a tunnel to transfer data (information) while IPsec handles the secure encryption of the data.

We will setup for you a Virtual Call Center on a state of the art network with Fiber backbone capable of handling any volume of calls, UPS backups, RAID for fault tolerance and 24 hour monitoring.

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